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2010 Echo-Vortex - Freaks United

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17 November

1.Alien Mental Meets Dylalien - Alien Exchange Program (Mental Rmx)

2.Freaks On EaRth - Cup N SauCerS

3.Jibber Jabber Meets Polyphonia - Deceptive Perceptions

4.Polyphonia meets Alien Mental - Baba Life (Mental Rmx)

5.Jibber Jabber On Earth - Alien SEeD

6.The Fractal Sadhus Meet Zik - DeXlR8r

7.The Fractal SadhuS On Earth - the OthEr Day

8.Alien MentaL meetS PsyKovsky - a SecreT MissIon

9.Jibber Jabber Meets Aerofurious - Genetik Research

10.Jibber Jabber Meets The Nommos - Last Plan

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