Zik Biography

Zik Bio

The man behind is Alex Panopoulos who is responsible for the Zik project.
Alex start music when was 13 years old with gabber hardcore sounds under the artist name Terrorist ... In the year 1999 he start to write chill out and psychedelic music with friends and move into the world of Zik...He start spinning around the earth and meet many interesting earthlings that exchange the same vibe of creation which is sound… On the way he create projects like Matutero project in the years 2000 to 2004 , the Horror Place project in the years 2004 to 2008 and the Adrenal Gland project in the years 2006 to 2010 ... collaborations with other artist like Jibber Jabber , ZikOre , PolyZik , KukuRuku and he work with many artist around the globe like *Alien Mental , Polyphonia , Orestis , Kulu , Stranger , Mind Oscillation , Paul Karma , Kindzadza , Psykovsky , Furious , The Nommos , Audiopathic , Darkshire , Fractal Cowboys , Drury Nevil , Lab , Ocelot , Cosmo , Blisargon Demogorgon , Savage Scream , Dejan , Noise Gust , Jelly Headz , Dark Elf , Parahalu , Kashyyk , Shamadhi , and more and have releases on labels like Echo Vortex records (world) Insomnia records(Russia) , Dropout Productions(Usa) , Vertigo records(Russia) , DevilsMind records(Sweden) , Sanaton records(Sweden) , Cosmic Theatre records(Finland) , Mistress of evil records(Usa) , Phreex Networx records(Japan) , Avatar records(Israel) , Pleiadian records(mexico) , Noise Conspiracy records(Cyprus) Manic Dragon records(China) , Temple Twisters records(India) , Tandrum records(Usa-India) , DiscoValley records(Goa-Greece) The 5th Element records(mexico) Brain Busters(japan) , Deja vu records(Russia) , Antimateria recordings (Brazil) ,mass abduction records(Mexico)and many more.. The concept is to deliver to the audience a feeling of intense trip into darkest corners of subconsciousness for better understanding of human nature and fears...