Adrenal Glands - Glandular Dreams

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08 October

Label : Dropout Productions

Country : Usa

Released : 2012


1    Intro
2    Fun Connection
3    Duck Head
4    Playcase
5    Mobile Musica
6    Glong Pong
7    Hit Maker
8    Molecular
9    Forest Show

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InsideDownload 2
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The culmination of persistence and the desire to create something outstanding fused itself together in a journey to unknown worlds and sounds never heard before. Blending technology and creativity into a psychedelic masterpiece that will truly stand the test of time, Glandular Dreams by Adrenal Glands (Alex Vozikis AKA Zik) is the last release from Dropout Productions and a gift to all the people who supported us over the years. Mastered byChromatone (Lawrence Hoffman) in his new Studio in Australia with artwork by Lars Rudin, San Francisco.

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